Backlinks: Full Report

Backlinks: Full Report



Looking for link building opportunities in your competitor’s backlinks is a time-tested SEO process. If you don’t know what kinds of links you can build to your website, one of the best places to start looking is in your competitor’s backlink profile. The Backlinks report has helpful sorting, filtering, and exporting functions to make this process easy.

Chances are your competitors will have backlinks from media sites, blogs, or other relevant websites in your niche. If you see multiple links to a competitor site coming from the same domain, you can infer that there is some form of partnership or relationship between the websites.

Think about how these links were built with a PR mindset. Was there outreach involved? Did your competitor release a new product, service, or press release that attracted the links? Was there a marketing strategy that targeted these links? These are the questions you’ll have to ask yourself as you look through their backlinks for opportunities you can try to replicate for your website.

If your competition has a huge amount of links, it can be hard to know what to look for. Backlinks research is investigative work, so we built out a full set of filters and sorting to help you find the backlinks you’re looking for without having to waste time combing through spreadsheets.

After filtering, you can export an Excel or CSV file with rows of backlinks and their respective metrics.

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