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Automated click fraud prevention for your Google Ads campaigns


estimated to have been lost to ad fraud in 2019.* Competitors clicking on ads, bot traffic and click farms are just some of the ways ad fraud drains ad spend. Protect your Google Ads campaigns with TrafficGuard’s automated click fraud prevention.

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TrafficGuard uses parallel tracking to ensure that user experience is maintained on your ads. Every time your ad is clicked, details are sent to TrafficGuard, while the user continues on to your landing page.

Analysis and detection
TrafficGuard analyses data from each click and the intelligence gained from analysis across all its fraud prevention efforts to reliably identify sources of invalid traffic.

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Automated blacklisting
If TrafficGuard determines that the IP is a source of non-human traffic, it is autamatically added to your campaign blacklist via the Google Ads API.

Maintenance of exclusion list
TrafficGuard proactively evaluates, prioritises, adds and removes IPs in the blacklist to ensure that you are always protected from the biggest ad fraud offenders, even if your campaign reaches its limit of IPs blocked.

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