Google Ads Best Practices for Great Creative

4 Best Practices for Great Creative

Consumers report helpfulness as their top request of brands, with 78% saying brands should show how they can be helpful in everyday life.1 Each ad experience offers an opportunity to be both helpful and engaging when connecting with your audience. This makes creative quality one of the most important drivers of performance. To craft more impactful ads, check out the tips below:

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  • Connect more authentically with a wide variety of assets

    Add real-life context to your image and video ads by showcasing people using your product. Images that feature people perform over 30% better for their campaign goal versus images that don't. And 64% of consumers said they took some sort of action after seeing an ad that they considered to be diverse or inclusive.

  • Lead with a clear call-to-action that aligns with your conversion goals.

    if you're looking to drive sales, include a call-to-action to purchase your product with your brand and product name in your headline and descriptions.

  • Build for smaller screens.

    For images and video ads, use tight framing and bright, natural lighting on specific people or objects to help audiences connect what they see to your call-to-action. Limit overlaid logos, text, or buttons on top of your images. If you use them, keep them to 20% of your image.

  • Test your creative, and give them time.

    Waiting 2-3 weeks between changes to ad creative minimizes performance fluctuations and allows Google Ads to learn and show your most effective assets. Review Ad strength and asset reporting to better understand which assets resonate best.

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